MAMA Rehab

Onsdagar 10.00-11.00
Kursstart: 20/5
5 veckor
Investering: 995 kr

This course is a wonderful opportunity for you as a new mom to safely and effectively find your way back to your body after the birth of your baby. Discover effective yet safe ways to stretch, strengthen and tone your body and feel like yourself again!

Postpartum is a special and sensitive time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately when it comes to information about how to train the body after giving birth, you can find a lot of information online – and nobody agrees on whats good! 

I understand how frustrating it can be to not know what to believe or what to do, especially when it comes to trying to close a diastasis recti (separation of the stomach muscles) or improve pelvic floor functions.

In this course the primary focus will be physical. We will do effective yet safe exercises. And I will clarify all the misleading information you can find out there. I will teach you unique core exercises designed to reconnect your pelvic floor, deep abs, and breathing and help you break down poor habits that can cause pain and dysfunction.

This course is founded in yoga, but we will also do non-yoga functional exercises. You can come by yourself whenever you feel ready after birth, or you may also bring your baby up to 1 year old - but please keep an eye on your child during the class. 

Depending on current pandemic situation, this course may be held outside if needed. 

This workshop is taught by Thea, mother of two, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, pre- and postnatal yoga teacher, baby motoric and baby massage teacher. Drawing on years of experience with new moms and working with bodies of every shape, size and condition, Thea will teach you how best to find your way back to your body.


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